Body Wash, Shower Gel, or Bar Soap?

Selecting the best cleanser for your body clearly depends on what is best for your skin and of course your personal preferences. Standing in a skin and beauty aisle, everything from bar soaps to shower gel will attract your attention and money for sure.

Body Wash, Shower Gel, or Bar Soap?

Try not to fall for those amazing advertisements that surround body washes, shower gel and bar soap, because most of them come with a misleading message and their main purpose is marketing. Instead, choose the product that goes right with your skin type.

No matter what you choose, a bar or a bottle, most of the cleansers have the same effect. They are helpful in removing dirt and bacteria and unfortunately some or all of your natural body oils.

Many soaps and body washes can remove the oils from the skin that keep it soft and naturally moisturized. Removing that oil means it makes your skin dryer. There is a solution to every problem, get a product that says they are moisturizing. There are many body washes that leave a layer of moisturizer on the skin that helps to fill up the oils removed.

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In a lather over lather

Don’t think much about what many bath product commercials suggest, there is no need for a lot of foam to get clean. In fact, it is good if you avoid lather, especially if you are anxious about your dry skin.

The non-soap cleansers that do not foam are better because they leave more of your natural oils behind and are less drying. You can choose soaps like Dove, Aveeno, Cetaphil or CeraVe in case you have a very sensitive skin and want to avoid over-drying. You can even apply a body lotion to still-damp skin after bathing. It helps in sealing the moisture back into your skin and replenishes the oils you removed.

A conversation about film

Not to be confused with the term “film” as it has several different meanings, but here we actually mean it as a thin layer of oil deposited by bar soap or body wash. It forms a barrier and seal in the moisture and as long as this doesn’t lead to a breakout or make you feel greasy, it is absolutely fine.

Both bar soap and body wash can leave a film and beware of soaps that don’t leave a film. Soaps that strip off all of your oil, make you feel squeaky clean and leaves no moisture barrier, are actually harsher than those that leave a film.

If a film troubles you, try newer formulations of soap, shower gel, body wash and moisturizer. They are more closely approximate the skin’s natural lipids and also don’t leave moisture in the skin, but feel less greasy, thus you don’t feel like a film is left behind.

The facts about the bar soap

Many of you would believe that a bar soap is the best body cleanser. But wait, bar soaps may be uncomfortably drying. It is very important to check the ingredients for lye.

Deodorant soaps and lye soaps are more likely to strip the skin’s oils and do not replace them. But if you have a really oily skin, then there is no problem. If you use these harsh soaps and your skin becomes dry, you need to apply a moisturizer afterwards.

If you try different products, moisturize after bathing and still, your skin feels dry and uncomfortable, there is a need to visit a dermatologist.

Prepping for your Wedding? Here’s Why You need Lavender Oil in Your Beauty Kit

Lavender Essential Oil is quite famous for its medicinal properties and is known to keep your hair and skin quite healthy. It can also help in relieving stress and calming down your nervous system.

If you have dandruff in your hair, then lavender essential oil is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of it. Trust me, using this essential oil regularly will keep you strong and fit.

Don’t believe me? Then see these benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for yourself:

1. Improves your Immunity

Due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, regular use of this oil can make you immune to a variety of diseases like TB, Typhoid, diphtheria, and so on.

2. Hair Care

This oil is also known to have amazing hair benefits and can get rid of your hair of lice, dandruff, etc. It is also helpful in strengthening the hair follicles which in turn helps in hair loss and is quite an effective way to prevent baldness. You can buy lavender oil online. SugarBearHair is another great product for hair treatment.

3. Helps in Treating Eczema

Since it has healing properties, lavender essential oil is found to be useful in treating different types of skin problems like acne, wrinkles, etc. and is also used to heal cuts, scrapes, wounds, etc. It improves the formation of scar tissue which makes it such a good healer and useful in treating eczema.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

This oil is also used in aromatherapy which is really useful in improving blood circulation and helps in lowering blood pressure. This oil not only helps in boosting the oxygenation level for organs but also boosts the brain activity and protects the body from a heart attack and other diseases that are associated with poor circulation.

6. Helps in Digestion

It is also found to be useful in aiding digestion as it increases the movement of food inside the intestine and helps in the production of gastric juices. This way it also treats stomach pain, colic, vomiting, and so on.

7 .Helps in reducing Acne

This oil also helps in inhibiting the bacteria that causes acne and other infections and can help in controlling the sebum production. It is also helpful in healing the acne scars and can be added to other creams and ointment so that your skin can heal faster

8. Helps with pain relief

Another benefit of using lavender essential oil is that it is quite effective in handling different types of pains like sprains, backaches, muscular aches, and so on. If you massage this oil onto your joints, then you will instantly feel relief from all the pain. Trust me, this is one natural pain reliever that you can use anytime.

9. Helps in sleeping

One of the best advantages of using a lavender essential oil is that it is great for people who have trouble while sleeping as it induces sleep and can increase the sleep regularity in users. All you need to do is place some lavender oil on your pillow and you will find yourself relaxing and slowly drifting to sleep!

Snow White Wedding Styled Shoot ~ Krystal Healy Photography

If you’re like me, then – from time to time – you find yourself reflecting on tales you heard when you were younger. Sometimes, it’s the story of how your grandparents met. Maybe it’s the fable about the mouse and the lion. Or, it might be your favorite fairy tale. It’s great when you replay these stories in your mind, or even when you read them in a book…but it’s even better when you actually can see them brought to life! Today, we’re doing just that: using the beloved Snow White fairy tale as inspiration for a colorful, whimsical wedding styled shoot. Take a peek!

Sweethearts and Whiskers ~ Oden & Janelle Photography

There’s nothing I love more than a good love story – unless the story includes a cat cameo, of course! Such is the fate of one couple’s gorgeous engagement session at Black Star Farms in Michigan last fall.

Jennifer and Anton came together through mutual friends, and it was a hit from the start. For their nature-filled photo session, the couple chose Black Star Farms, where the bride-to-be’s sister is the wedding coordinator.

Southern Plantation Bridal Portraits ~ Crystal Reyns Photography

What happens when you combine a sprawling Southern plantation, a white horse, and a beautiful bride? Well, magic, of course! Bride Priscilla and groom Chris met as teenagers – ten years later, they decided to take the leap into marriage. In keeping with tradition, it was only natural that a Priscilla poses for a bridal portrait session – and what a gorgeous one it was!

50 Years, Forever to Go ~ HNH Photography

Time. We measure it with watches, seasons, and sunsets. We can see it through the growth of our families and in life’s milestones, like birthdays, graduations, and weddings. And, we’re able to feel it through love. There’s no doubt that you’ll sense the strength of love across time in today’s post, featuring the 50th Anniversary party of sweethearts Dorm and Sharon, captured by HNH Photography.

Books, Horses, and One Happy Couple ~ Three Little Birds Studio

Well, hello there…and Happy Wednesday!  Today, I’m dreaming of a sunny field.  Of a picnic sweetened by nature and novels.  Of a photogenic horse (or two).  Luckily, I don’t have to dream too much – because I have just those things right here, ready to share!

Don’t you just love a happy couple, relaxing at home?


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