Snow White Wedding Styled Shoot ~ Krystal Healy Photography

If you’re like me, then – from time to time – you find yourself reflecting on tales you heard when you were younger. Sometimes, it’s the story of how your grandparents met. Maybe it’s the fable about the mouse and the lion. Or, it might be your favorite fairy tale. It’s great when you replay these stories in your mind, or even when you read them in a book…but it’s even better when you actually can see them brought to life! Today, we’re doing just that: using the beloved Snow White fairy tale as inspiration for a colorful, whimsical wedding styled shoot. Take a peek!

Sweethearts and Whiskers ~ Oden & Janelle Photography

There’s nothing I love more than a good love story – unless the story includes a cat cameo, of course! Such is the fate of one couple’s gorgeous engagement session at Black Star Farms in Michigan last fall.

Jennifer and Anton came together through mutual friends, and it was a hit from the start. For their nature-filled photo session, the couple chose Black Star Farms, where the bride-to-be’s sister is the wedding coordinator.

Southern Plantation Bridal Portraits ~ Crystal Reyns Photography

What happens when you combine a sprawling Southern plantation, a white horse, and a beautiful bride? Well, magic, of course! Bride Priscilla and groom Chris met as teenagers – ten years later, they decided to take the leap into marriage. In keeping with tradition, it was only natural that a Priscilla poses for a bridal portrait session – and what a gorgeous one it was!

50 Years, Forever to Go ~ HNH Photography

Time. We measure it with watches, seasons, and sunsets. We can see it through the growth of our families and in life’s milestones, like birthdays, graduations, and weddings. And, we’re able to feel it through love. There’s no doubt that you’ll sense the strength of love across time in today’s post, featuring the 50th Anniversary party of sweethearts Dorm and Sharon, captured by HNH Photography.

Books, Horses, and One Happy Couple ~ Three Little Birds Studio

Well, hello there…and Happy Wednesday!  Today, I’m dreaming of a sunny field.  Of a picnic sweetened by nature and novels.  Of a photogenic horse (or two).  Luckily, I don’t have to dream too much – because I have just those things right here, ready to share!

Don’t you just love a happy couple, relaxing at home?


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Unique Michigan Barn Wedding ~ Wren Photography

There’s something about a wedding in the Great Outdoors that gets me every time. Lately, this nuptial setting is very much the trend – but you don’t always run across an event that just seems to fit with its surroundings while still being unique. Luckily, we have just such a wedding for you today!

Its An Olive Or Nothing Engagement Session Chris Malpass Photography

Did you know that April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month?  In honor of this, we’re featuring some lovely couples in engagement and wedding photos throughout the month – alongside their best animal buds, of course! 

To round-out our features of animals in engagements and weddings this month, we present couple Lindsey and Ian…and their Boston Terrier, Olive!

Chris Malpass Photography was there to frame all the moments of the day: funny, sweet, and everything in between.  The session took place on a warm day in early 2014 around Lindsey’s old stomping grounds of Yorktown, Virginia.  Photographer Chris noted, Ian and Lindsey are so in love…[it’s] obvious in this session.  With a love like that, the companionship of the faithful Olive, and a 2015 wedding, there’s so much to celebrate!