Trendy Thursday Hair DOs

In this Trendy Thursday post, I’m saying yes to the tress (hair, that is)!

I like to think of a wedding-day hairstyle as one of your accessories – and an important one, at that.  It should express your personal style, complement your attire, and be able to support your veil/headpiece/etc.

                                                                             Bad wedding hair day?
Photo Credit: VK-red via Compfight cc

My own journey down bridal hairstyle lane took a while (months, to be exact).  I think we all know what we want in some areas and not so much in others.  Well, my wedding hair was my not-so-much area.  Every time I would go to the salon, I’d pour over their hairstyle books and take pictures of the styles I liked with my phone.  I spent hours surfing the Web for hair inspiration.  I bought magazines and analyzed the styles in them.  Heck, I even did a pros and cons list of wearing my hair up versus down!  After all that effort, I wasn’t any closer to making a wedding hairstyle decision.  I had everything: the dresses, the veil, the headpiece…but mama ain’t got no ‘do.

Then, one day, salvation came in the form of someone’s wedding hair inspiration board.  I don’t recall where I even found it (although I still have it on my phone – along with all the other hairstyle photos :))…but if I ever unearth that info, you can bet I’ll be giving that person a virtual hug.  In the bottom-right corner of the board was an updo, composed of softer-looking pin curls bunched at the nape of the neck.  I looked at it, and just like that moment when you try on the right gown, I knew: this was my wedding hairstyle!  Hallelujah!

The next bridge to cross was the salon selection.  Because I was getting married out-of-town, I didn’t have a particular go-to spot.  However, I had gone through school in the area, so I was somewhat familiar with a few salons.  I ended up choosing the Portfolio Salon in Boalsburg, PA based on their designation as an Aveda concept salon and their consistently positive online reviews.  I opted not to do a trial hairstyle run (which is odd when considering my borderline-obsessive hairstyle selection process) and just showed up the morning of my wedding with my headpiece and phone photo in hand.  A little while later, I left the salon with this bit o’ hair heaven:

                                      Wowza, check out this hair handiwork (post-veil removal and everything)!
Photo Credit: David Eaton Photography

The point of my novella is this: your wedding hairstyle can be a seek-and-ye-shall-find type of experience (like mine), or you may know right away what look you’d like to achieve.  As with everything else, there are trends and classics.  DO pick what you’re drawn to  – trust that intuition – and you won’t go wrong.  And remember that inspiration is all around – absorb it and make it your own!

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