Where to Wed?

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Jan 072014

A recent engagement calls for celebration!  And you should enjoy this time, too – soon enough, the realities of picking and planning and timelines set in.  When you eventually hit this point, one of the first things you might want to consider is your wedding date – coupled with your ceremony and reception venue(s).  Choosing this depends on, among other things: 1. if you have your heart set on a specific date, or 2. you have your heart set on a specific venue (of course, this can be a mix of both).

Your wedding location options in and around Pittsburgh are extensive and extremely diverse.  If you’re looking to get married in a rustic barn, you can.  An urban warehouse setting?  You bet.  From ballrooms to bed and breakfasts, there are many choices!  But even if you have an idea of your perfect setting, how do you get started?

(Personal Photo)

(Personal Photo)

We recommend talking with family and friends for their thoughts and experiences.  Also, think of any weddings you’ve attended in the past that resonated with you – what did you like about the setting?  What type of venue reflects your style?

To get a big-picture feel for what’s out there, you can spend some time on Pinterest, too (like you needed any convincing to do that!). We’ve created a board with some great options for your Western Pennsylvania wedding (or any other event, for that matter).  If there are any other venues that you think are great for a wedding, please let us know its name and location in the comments…we’ll be happy to add it to the board!

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Where to Wed?
Where do you want to get married in Pittsburgh? We present a Pinterest board to help spark some ideas!

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