Prepping for your Wedding? Here’s Why You need Lavender Oil in Your Beauty Kit

Lavender Essential Oil is quite famous for its medicinal properties and is known to keep your hair and skin quite healthy. It can also help in relieving stress and calming down your nervous system.

If you have dandruff in your hair, then lavender essential oil is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of it. Trust me, using this essential oil regularly will keep you strong and fit.

Don’t believe me? Then see these benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for yourself:

1. Improves your Immunity

Due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, regular use of this oil can make you immune to a variety of diseases like TB, Typhoid, diphtheria, and so on.

2. Hair Care

This oil is also known to have amazing hair benefits and can get rid of your hair of lice, dandruff, etc. It is also helpful in strengthening the hair follicles which in turn helps in hair loss and is quite an effective way to prevent baldness. You can buy lavender oil online. SugarBearHair is another great product for hair treatment.

3. Helps in Treating Eczema

Since it has healing properties, lavender essential oil is found to be useful in treating different types of skin problems like acne, wrinkles, etc. and is also used to heal cuts, scrapes, wounds, etc. It improves the formation of scar tissue which makes it such a good healer and useful in treating eczema.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

This oil is also used in aromatherapy which is really useful in improving blood circulation and helps in lowering blood pressure. This oil not only helps in boosting the oxygenation level for organs but also boosts the brain activity and protects the body from a heart attack and other diseases that are associated with poor circulation.

6. Helps in Digestion

It is also found to be useful in aiding digestion as it increases the movement of food inside the intestine and helps in the production of gastric juices. This way it also treats stomach pain, colic, vomiting, and so on.

7 .Helps in reducing Acne

This oil also helps in inhibiting the bacteria that causes acne and other infections and can help in controlling the sebum production. It is also helpful in healing the acne scars and can be added to other creams and ointment so that your skin can heal faster

8. Helps with pain relief

Another benefit of using lavender essential oil is that it is quite effective in handling different types of pains like sprains, backaches, muscular aches, and so on. If you massage this oil onto your joints, then you will instantly feel relief from all the pain. Trust me, this is one natural pain reliever that you can use anytime.

9. Helps in sleeping

One of the best advantages of using a lavender essential oil is that it is great for people who have trouble while sleeping as it induces sleep and can increase the sleep regularity in users. All you need to do is place some lavender oil on your pillow and you will find yourself relaxing and slowly drifting to sleep!

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