Body Wash, Shower Gel, or Bar Soap?

Selecting the best cleanser for your body clearly depends on what is best for your skin and of course your personal preferences. Standing in a skin and beauty aisle, everything from bar soaps to shower gel will attract your attention and money for sure.

Body Wash, Shower Gel, or Bar Soap?

Try not to fall for those amazing advertisements that surround body washes, shower gel and bar soap, because most of them come with a misleading message and their main purpose is marketing. Instead, choose the product that goes right with your skin type.

No matter what you choose, a bar or a bottle, most of the cleansers have the same effect. They are helpful in removing dirt and bacteria and unfortunately some or all of your natural body oils.

Many soaps and body washes can remove the oils from the skin that keep it soft and naturally moisturized. Removing that oil means it makes your skin dryer. There is a solution to every problem, get a product that says they are moisturizing. There are many body washes that leave a layer of moisturizer on the skin that helps to fill up the oils removed.

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In a lather over lather

Don’t think much about what many bath product commercials suggest, there is no need for a lot of foam to get clean. In fact, it is good if you avoid lather, especially if you are anxious about your dry skin.

The non-soap cleansers that do not foam are better because they leave more of your natural oils behind and are less drying. You can choose soaps like Dove, Aveeno, Cetaphil or CeraVe in case you have a very sensitive skin and want to avoid over-drying. You can even apply a body lotion to still-damp skin after bathing. It helps in sealing the moisture back into your skin and replenishes the oils you removed.

A conversation about film

Not to be confused with the term “film” as it has several different meanings, but here we actually mean it as a thin layer of oil deposited by bar soap or body wash. It forms a barrier and seal in the moisture and as long as this doesn’t lead to a breakout or make you feel greasy, it is absolutely fine.

Both bar soap and body wash can leave a film and beware of soaps that don’t leave a film. Soaps that strip off all of your oil, make you feel squeaky clean and leaves no moisture barrier, are actually harsher than those that leave a film.

If a film troubles you, try newer formulations of soap, shower gel, body wash and moisturizer. They are more closely approximate the skin’s natural lipids and also don’t leave moisture in the skin, but feel less greasy, thus you don’t feel like a film is left behind.

The facts about the bar soap

Many of you would believe that a bar soap is the best body cleanser. But wait, bar soaps may be uncomfortably drying. It is very important to check the ingredients for lye.

Deodorant soaps and lye soaps are more likely to strip the skin’s oils and do not replace them. But if you have a really oily skin, then there is no problem. If you use these harsh soaps and your skin becomes dry, you need to apply a moisturizer afterwards.

If you try different products, moisturize after bathing and still, your skin feels dry and uncomfortable, there is a need to visit a dermatologist.

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